Online Reading & Spelling Support

Evidence-based reading and spelling support for primary school-age students

Every child learns differently, and I prioritise your child’s success by building customised lessons based on your child’s specific needs and learning profile. My process begins with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to detail your child’s reading and spelling gaps.

The online speech therapy is suited to primary school students, providing Tier 3 support to teachers in reading and spelling.  Reading Spelling Focus also provides in-home speech therapy support to parents who are homeschooling.

Writing and Speech Help

Does your child have difficulty reading? Visit AUSPELD to complete an online screen.

How can literacy support help your child ?

Reading Spelling Focus is not a one-size-fits-all program. Your child receives individualised attention from start to finish with lesson plans tailored specifically to their assessment profile.

An extensive initial assessment ensures your child is placed at the correct level of instruction. I also use comprehensive language assessments to provide a deeper understanding of your child’s literacy profile, which again shapes the direction and content of the course.

My online reading & spelling program offers support for kids:

  • Who are falling behind in reading and spelling in class and could benefit from some professional one-on-one intervention.
  • With a formally diagnosed reading disorder or students requiring intervention before being formally assessed for a Specific Learning Disorder with impairment in reading.

The benefits of online reading & spelling support

With this flexibility, quality instruction is ensured for all students whether they’re stuck inside on bad weather days, lockdowns or have other obligations outside of regular class hours.

  • Qualified Speech Pathologist
  • Complete flexibility
  • Interactive and varied lessons to help keep your child engaged
  • Online Therapy
  • Customised Learning
  • Mobile Visits Northern Sydney

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”


Personalised support for your child when they need it most

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