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Online Speech Therapy and Reading & Spelling Support with Proven Results

Reading Spelling Focus offers speech and language therapy for children in their final year of preschool or for all primary school-age students.

Mobile speech therapy is available in selected Northern Sydney Suburb Locations.

Online Telehealth Videoconferencing

Recently, online video conferencing, or telehealth, has become familiar to most families. Evidence shows that therapy provided in this format can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy. Telehealth is a convenient way of receiving evidence-based therapy in the comfort of a student’s home no matter where they live in Australia.

Many activities that are completed in traditional face-to-face therapy sessions can also be utilised in telehealth sessions, including shared book reading, interactive games, literacy exercises, and parent coaching/discussion.

About Me

Michele is an experienced speech pathologist with an innate desire to help children develop their language, reading, and spelling skills. Her first formal instruction was the Spalding Writing Road to Reading Program in 2004 after graduating with a Master of Speech Pathology. The Master’s program introduced her to theories of reading and the cognitive science involved in the reading process. In 2006, she became a reading helper at a primary school using the MultiLit program. Then, she completed an Orton Gillingham Multisensory Language Education course in 2015 and a synthetic systematic phonics program called Sounds Write in 2019.

A Sydney SLP, Michele has completed many courses and workshops on learning difficulties, speech, language, reading, and spelling instruction. Her training and experience provide extra support for reading comprehension skills.

She also worked at a university reading clinic and is currently on the SPELD NSW referral database. She is able to diagnose Developmental Language Disorder and can assist in the diagnosis of Specific Learning Disorders.

In Australia it is likely that two to three children in each classroomwill experience problems with learning.

– The Australian Psychological Society


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